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We met at their house, and they followed me to a recent favorite shooting spot here in the Flint Hills of Kansas.  Walking paths, hilly views, tall grasses.  Just a few of my favorite things.  Add in a little luscious evening light and those are pretty much all of my favorite things to shoot with.  I don’t know about you, but when I get into nature, I feel free.  Completely free of the to do list.  Completely free of what didn’t go as planned that day.  And I can reconnect to all thats lovely and natural. I never want to lose that wonder. The wonder that makes you stop and soak up a hilly landscape filled with trees and the setting sun.  I think I will forever be in awe and marvel at this beautiful earth.  And because of that I find endless inspiration in nature.

Why you should schedule a motherhood session, by Bethany MeysenburgThis session lasted 45 minutes.  But it was full of exploring.  Picking grasses.  Snuggling up and kissing cheeks.  Walking and running.  Spinning and loving.  Playing with daddy’s sunglasses and most of all authentic connection.  Authentic moments.  That’s what we strive to capture in every session. It is my joy to see your family photography session unfold.  To get to see they way your family loves.  Is it playful? Is it calm and quiet? Is it loud and full of laughter?

This family session in the Flint Hills was playful and loving.  Mama shared of the bond between daddy and daughter.  Which was evident from start to finish.  Yet it was beautiful to see that this mama has an incredible bond with her little girl too. I’m so glad we took some time for motherhood portraits.  When sweet Shoshi is grown, I believe these photos of mama and daughter will strengthen and enhance their friendship as adults.  That is my hope.

Motherhood sessions are wonderful!  You know why? Daddy doesn’t have to be there. LOL! But really, it’s sometimes hard getting the man in our life on board and happy about a family session. For the times in your life, when you want to document what motherhood has felt like.  The mundane, the exciting, the joy, the difficulty, the beautiful love between you and your babes. Then hit me up through my contact page.  Or click HERE. Let’s tell the story of your motherhood journey.

x0 Bethany