Photographing In-Home Newborn SessionsTHEY ARE MY FAVORITE THING, AND HERE'S WHY.

There is something incredible about having your photographer come into your home, to document your newborn during their first days of life. It’s this overwhelmingly beautiful and exhaustive time, as you may well know. And I want to share five reasons why in-home newborn sessions are the icing on the cake to this monumental moment of bringing a new baby into the world.

Newborn baby photographed in home
In-Home Newborn Session
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1. Your home tells a beautiful story.

First of all, the place you call home tells a beautiful story, your story. It tells what kind of home you made for your children. The floors their little feet walked on. The way daddy sang and played his guitar for his little girls. Because it tells what was important.

From the fabrics to the accessories, and the comfort of your everyday items. The joy the home brought and the togetherness you felt there is the foundation and the supporting character in your story. It tells a story about your life with young children. And because these days are most fleeting, what a treasure to share with your children as they grow and when they are grown.

In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home
In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home

In-Home Newborn Session, baby in crib


2. Comfort

Home is your safe place. It’s calming, it’s inspiring, it’s the place where we feel most comfortable. The place we long to be when we’ve been away too long. And this feeling of comfort, is exactly what we want for creating images of depth and layers. We want sessions to feel slow and easy, calm and effortless.

And let’s face it, having a photographer with a camera pointed at you, can feel a little unnatural. Having it in your home, brings an ease to the process because we’re in your happy place. Besides that, you’ve just had a baby.

Above all, home is the place to be with all of your amenities around you! We’ve had many family sessions at home with our boys. Additionally, I’ve photographed many in-home newborns sessions, and there is most definitely an ease that comes with it.

In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home
In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home

3. The creativity is endless.

In-Home Newborn Session, baby with siblings
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As a photographer, I crave getting into beautiful spaces to create. Look at the layering in the photo above. You have sweet baby Frankie, with her sisters and mama surrounding her, on their super cozy bed, filled with soft linens, and vintage rug covered pillows. There is so much we get to work with in your home! The creativity for me is endless no matter your style. And I love it because these types of images unfold naturally. We let older sister hold her, and we have sweet little chats with the new baby. Looking at her long eye lashes, and telling her how loved she is as I document every second.

Below, I wanted a faceless portrait of mum and babe. And when she snuggled in to soothe her little one, this portrait of motherhood was made. Instantly, it became a big source of inspiration from an artistic and emotional standpoint. And certainly, I can so relate to this moment when our boys were babies and can feel a mother’s love straight away.

In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home

4. We have many rooms to work with.

In-Home Newborn Session, new baby photographed at home

I always tell mamas, there are many rooms we can work in, to get stunning images. I always go where the light is best, but we entertain the idea of using the living room, master bedroom, and nursery first. And then we look at your entry way or hallways for some beautiful symmetry, and even the kitchen and dining.  

Most importantly, we just need a little natural light. It doesn’t need to be much. Shooting through your windows, from the outside in, creates something extra lovely as well.

In-Home Newborn Sessions, Photographing Newborn at home
In-Home Newborn Session, new baby photographed at home

5. Because you will fall in love with the images we create!

In-Home Newborn Session, new baby photographed at home

Finally, onto my very favorite part of shooting in your home. These images will mean the world to you because they’re all you. They’re your heart and soul in your favorite place in the world, surrounded by what you find inspiring and beautiful. Besides, these images will only grow more endearing as the time flies slowly but swiftly by.

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