Hello there, I’m Bethany.


I’m happy you’re here. I’m a newborn and family photographer in Manhattan, Kansas. I also take a handful of weddings throughout the year.

I tell love stories. Beautiful, everyday love stories. And I welcome the chance to get to show the relaxed and intimate side of your family.

The past fifteen years of business have been a rewarding way to share my creativity and my love of lifestyle photography. I like to take images that tell your story and infuse artistry. Because to me, photography is art.

Every year, my work evolves into something more authentic and meaningful. Show me your love, and I’ll tell your story.

I also take time out to photograph my own family at home and on the go. And I’ve fallen in love with self portraiture.

It’s difficult and exhilarating, trying to get the shot from in front of the camera. But I love pushing myself to try something new.


Stick around and let me know what you’d like to create together.




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