• I picked up a camera at fifteen. It was my creative escape while growing up. I loved nature. And felt most whole and alive while experiencing the great outdoors. We lived on 26 acres in the flint hills, and I would often roam with camera in hand, photographing whatever struck me as beautiful. The hills, the sunset, a flower. It became my sacred time. To think, to feel, and create. And to just be.

    I became an avid observer of people. Of tendancies and quirks, watching human nature, feeling their feelings. Watching how people naturally moved. How they responded to life; a kind word or criticism. I’m curious about people. What makes them tick. What makes us all tick for that matter. What moves you. What motivates. What makes you light up or what shuts you down. I am empathetic. I can walk in a room, and immediately feel what energy is there. And I think that helps me understand the people in front of me. It helps me create something real and intimate for them. Something that skips over the surface, and brushes the soul. Something that is real. Whether I need to encourage, build up, and give energy to. Or whether I need to be silent and calm.

    Now, 20 years later, picking up a camera does the same for me as it did the first time. The subjects have changed to people. Mothers caring for their young children and brand new babies. Fathers doting on the mothers for their abilities to do it all. Women starting a new life as a Mrs. and braving a brand new path. But my feelings of creating something beautiful to share with the world, has not changed one bit.


  • I celebrate women. Their beauty, devotion, sacrifice. I give them the gift of preserving life through images. The daily routines to the biggest days of their life. It’s all their story. Worthy of being remembered. Every detail significant.

    That every feeling; that of anticipation, love, deep joy, deep longing, even that of blissful exhaustion, would be remembered and celebrated.

    I celebrate women at their various points of life on their journey. I celebrate them and the body they are in their twenties. When life feels brand new and exciting. I get to show them their beauty in their thirties in a brand new body, when their bump is growing and their life is excitedly changing. Seeing yet another body after they give birth, and celebrating the strength of bringing life into the world. It’s showing them an even stronger version of themselves at forty.

    Through every stage, I get the opportunity to show them their beauty, strength, and worth.


  • My work matters because I can give you a tangible way to hold onto these present moments. But also, and probably my favorite part, is that I get to show women their strength. I give you permission to love all of yourself. To be seen for your heart, your soul, and your beauty.

    Think about the way you feel when you're holding your newborn close. The first coo or smile. The way the world feels softer and clear when you're holding your little guy in your arms. The way you smile when your children are near or smile at their laughter down the hall. That smile that lights up a room because your heart spills over. The baby curls, the crooked smile, the looks that endear you to your precious littles.

    Now think about the times you stare into your child's eyes a little longer to press in the memory of their sweetness. Knowing within a period of time, our memory fades. I can help you remember those details. There's no reason not to. Your story deserves to be told. And that you would actually be in the frame with your children is valuable beyond comprehension. Because they will grow up wanting a window into their childhood. And they will have a way to remember you. This work I do, gives you a way to tell your stories. And stronger still, it guarantees a connection to you long after the days of middle-of-the-night feedings and bedtime stories. This work is your legacy. And I'm honored to tell it.